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U.S. stocks sank in the third quarter, hurt by soaring U.S. Treasury yields. During this period, the Nasdaq 100 fell about 2.75% while the S&P 500 plunged approximately 3.40%. Meanwhile, the surge in nominal and real rates propelled the broader U.S. dollar (DXY) to the highest level since November 2022, creating a hostile environment for gold and silver.

The fourth quarter’s trajectory for key financial assets could mirror that of the prior three months, particularly if U.S. yields continue their upward trajectory. As of the first week of October, there’s scant evidence that bond market dynamics will reverse, with the U.S. economy’s remarkable staying power giving Fed officials the leeway to maintain a restrictive position.

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At the latest FOMC meeting, policymakers hinted at the possibility of further tightening in 2023 but stopped short of firm endorsement. For this reason, traders have not entirely priced in another quarter-point hike for this year, but the situation could change if incoming data continues to surprise to the upside, as was the case with the September U.S. employment report.

In the event that interest rate expectations reprice in a more hawkish direction on account of sticky inflation and economic resilience, the U.S. dollar’s upward momentum may persist, exacerbating weakness in the precious metals complex. In such a scenario, equity indices could also come under pressure, paving the way for further losses for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.

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With the U.S. dollar in a dominant position heading into Q4, the euro, British pound, and Japanese yen may find themselves in a vulnerable state, with a possible inclination toward further depreciation. Their prospects, however, could improve if the Fed begins to embrace a softer posture for fear of a potential hard landing. Traders should therefore keep a close eye on policy guidance.

Focusing on the yen now, Bank of Japan’s ultra-dovish will remain a headwind for the Asian currency in the early part of Q4, but the tide may turn in its favor toward the latter part of the year. As we approach 2024, the BoJ may start to signal a policy shift. As investors attempt to front-run the normalization cycle, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, and GBP/JPY may head lower.

Different market dynamics are poised to unfold in the near term, potentially paving the way for increased volatility and attractive trading setups in major assets. To dive deeper into the catalysts that will affect currencies, commodities (gold, oil, silver) and digital assets (Bitcoin) in the fourth quarter, explore the comprehensive technical and fundamental forecasts put together by DailyFX’s team of experts.

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